frequently asked questions

How much time in advance
 should I book my session?

What happens if it rains on the day of our shoot?

It's never a bad idea to book early in order to guarantee you get the date/time you want. My availability will change depending on the time of year and certain points in time will require more notice. During high season (May-October), I would recommend inquiring 4-6 weeks before your desired shoot date. 

If it's showing rain in the forecast on the day of our shoot, I will happily give you a list of upcoming dates to choose from for a reschedule. There is no fees associated with having to postpone your shoot due to weather. That being said, if you want to shoot in the rain, I'm all for it! 

What do we wear?

Where will our shoot be?

Ultimately you can wear whatever you want! Once you have booked a shoot, you will receive an information guide from me that goes over what colours look best with the way I edit along with some wardrobe tips + tricks. You'll even get my Pinterest board for inspo!

All my advice aside, it's most important to wear something that makes you feel good, confident, and like yourself. 

I'll go anywhere! I am happy to shoot based on your recommendation if you have a spot in mind. If you're unsure where you would like to have the shoot, I will make recommendations based on what type of backdrop you're looking for (nature, urban, beach, etc.) and what area you're located in. 

The information guide will also show you some common locations I often shoot in. 

How do I book?

What kind of sessions do you have?

You can reach out to me online using the contact form, by Instagram DM, or even by text when you're wanting to book and I will respond with a list of available dates for you to choose from. Once you want to book a certain date, you will be required to send a deposit to confirm the booking (deposit amounts depend on session type). Once the deposit has been received, the date is yours and you will get a booking confirmation and invoice to your inbox. 

For my couples and families I generally have two options, the regular and the mini. The regular is 60-minutes in length and can include multiple locations while the mini session is 20-minutes in length and only occurs in one location. Prices per session are featured on the Investment page. 

Prices are subject to change when there are different circumstances such as larger groups or longer/shorter time duration. In those cases a quote will be given based on the shoot requirements. 

How do you back up your files?

Will you tell us what to do?

The security of your images are VERY important to me and something I take very seriously. During our shoot, I am recording the images on two SD cards per camera. Once I get home from our session, your images get backed up to both of my main hard drives. If you lose your images, they will also be available to re-download from your online gallery. 

YES!! At all times. You will continuously be given prompts and posing suggestions throughout our shoot such as funny ways to walk (drunk-walk being my favourite), different lifts, games, activities, etc. 

My main goal is to make you have so much fun you forget you're being photographed. 

Can we bring our pets?

how will we get our images back and when?

PLEASE DO!! I absolutely love  when people bring their pets. If you are bringing your pet to your session, I would suggest bringing a close family member or friend with you to keep your fur-baby occupied when they're not needed during the shoot. 

The shoot may be a little more chaotic, but it's always worth it. 

When your images are all done they will be sent to you in an online gallery where you can download them all high-res. The timeframes for getting your images back depend on what type of session you have booked and what time of year it is (mini versus regular session, winter versus wedding season for example). Depending on when you inquire and what your session is, I will give you a timeframe when you inquire. 

If your question is still unanswered, please get in Contact with me and I will answer it for you!

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