Since that day, I could be found at any family gathering with a camera around my neck trying to capture candid moments when no one was looking. It became customary for my camera to be there for all the big—and little—moments between my family and friends. After a while, I started doing work for others through word-of-mouth recommendations. 

My love for photography and storytelling started when I was a kid— I can still remember the excitement when I finally used up all the photos on the disposable camera and it was time to get it developed. By the time I was 20, I was gifted with my first ‘next-level’ camera for my birthday. Although I was excited, I remember being so scared of the thing I didn't even want to hold it. Safe to say I’ve relaxed a little since then.

Nice to meet you. I'm jen

In a very short time I have completely fallen in love with all things photography. I am happiest when creating memories between people who love each other and specialize in weddings, engagements, couples, and family sessions.

After a verrrrrrry long six years I graduated from the Asper School of Business with an honours degree in Marketing and International Business. After years of working in digital marketing, I have developed the skill of storytelling with my words, which has helped me do it with my lens. In 2021, I made the leap to be a full-time photographer when I decided to step down from my full-time marketing role. 

Best. Decision. Ever. 

Flash forward to today

I love to travel and lived in Germany for 7 months.

I am a firm believer that most things are better with a glass of wine in hand.

I am absolutely obsessed with my cat, Rosie.
I love family more than anything. My parents, sisters, and grandma are my favourite people in the world. 

I am a serious true crime addict (highly recommend Crime Junkie and Redhanded crime podcasts)

I LOVE love. My first ever engagement shoot I had to get the couple to re-create the proposal because I couldn't see through my tears. Thankfully they understood, thankfully it was my sister.

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